Reader Problems: Four Common Problems on Reading a Series

As readers, we experience a lot of problems, and they occupy a lot of our thought process, such as:

  • “Which one to read next? So many books, so little time!”
  • “That movie adaptation did not give justice to the book…”
  • “Why are many people liking THAT book?!?”
  • “Why AREN’T many people liking THIS book?!?”
  • “I am losing some of my books, I can’t remember to whom I lent it…”, etc.

However, reading a BOOK SERIES can pose a whole new different set of problems. Here are a few:

  1. The next installment is finally out! But, I can’t remember what happened in the previous book that was released last year! Should I reread?


Now, this one is a serious problem. Basically, there are two choices: One, reread. But, who has the time for that? There are still so many books in my TBR pile! Or two, just read the new installment and hope and pray that while reading this book, the events of the past installment(s) will come back to your (failing, oh why must you be failing) memory.

What I do: I go for option 2. It does sometimes come back to me, the little significant snippets here and there… A vague memory of the past. However, if #2 does not work halfway through the latest book, I reread the previous book(s). Too much work, I know. But I go the route where I feel will make me appreciate a book the most. Anyway, if you feel like it, you can always just Google the previous book(s) plot. J

  1. I’m looking to start reading this series, but BOOK#1 is always out-of-stock! Why must it be that it is always BOOK#2 or BOOK#3 that is available…

I have wanted to read the series A Series of Unfortunate Events and Harry Potter (yes, I haven’t read the books yet!). Every time I (remember to) look for the first book in the bookstore, the available ones are books 2 onwards. Same with other series, I might add.

What I do: I take note of book fairs and annual events of the different book stores where they give discounts to almost all book titles. Why? Because before these big events, they often restock their books and I finally get to locate and buy that elusive BOOK#1. After two or three tries of looking for BOOK#1, I usually just give up and wait for the next big event. It sounds bad, like I am not committed to the book, but in these moments I find myself another book I can read. Like I said, too many books! It is impossible not to have a good book to read.

  1. …or BOOK#1 is available, but in a BOXED SET! I’m still not sure if I will love this series. I feel like it is such a big commitment (and investment) upfront to buy the set.


I mean, if you’re really, really sure you’ll love the series, and the first book is not available a la carte, and the box set is there, then sure, grab the opportunity! For me however I always feel like it is a big investment (or sometimes, I just don’t have the money to buy the box set!). Most of my boxed sets are actually gifts given to me. Hahaha.

What I do: I wait for BOOK#1! Or I wait until someone gives it to me as a gift. Yes, I’m a pretty patient person with books, sometimes.

  1. I am now ready to buy the next book, but the ones available in the bookstores have covers or sizes that don’t match the first one(s) I bought. What do I do???

AH! This is the worst! I mean, imaging buying Ender’s Game in the movie tie-in version, and then the succeeding ones are in pocketbook sizes in their original covers! Or Harry Potter! That series has SO MANY different cover versions (and different book sizes). Imagine placing them side by side, in order, on your bookshelf and it looks so…disorganized. I can’t. I simply can’t.

What I do: I’d rather wait. How can I face my book shelf if I see a series not looking like a series at all?? It’ll just make me sad, and frustrated.

So, there. I know, we readers, we’ve got serious issues. And here’s to get the word out to the world, or at least some of it. I got the idea of blogging about this from Mahima of allthingswordy. She listed some reader problems as well and tagged me. Thus, this post.

‘Til the next post,


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