Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Things I Like/Dislike in Book Romances

Another Top Ten Tuesday topic brought to you by The Broke and The Bookish. And it’s timely, because I am reading books about love this month, and Valentine’s day is coming soon. Love is in the air!

(Picture above: My book dates for February)

Anyway, here are my top 10:

1) LIKE – They are fairly easy to read. Or at least the ones I have read, even the classics! I guess it is hard to evoke that feeling of romance if you are too engrossed in understanding what you are reading. Thus, I think, it has to be light in its writing and easy on the understanding.

2) DISLIKE – Romances that spring from love triangles/third party. Not just in books but in movies! I don’t like plots involving romances that spring from meeting a guy/girl who is initially committed, that progresses into unfaithfulness, break-up, then getting together with the other person. It’s as if these plots tells us that however the romance started, it is all justified because in the end, it was really these characters that were “meant-to-be”. Huh. Yeah, it is okay to cheat and hurt people for your soul mate. Blegh.

3) LIKE – He/She was there all along. You know what I mean. Those love stories that take their time. Romances that have long blossomed but have gone unnoticed for so long. And then suddenly, swoosh, wow-how-did-I-miss-that moment. And they lived happily ever after.

4) DISLIKE – I am a girl and I need a man to beside me to live. Because, we don’t. Having a man/romantic partner is nice-to-have (sometimes not even, haha) but it is not a necessity. I really don’t like a damsel in distress, they’re stressful.

5) LIKE – LGBT Romances. Mainly because they make my heart flutter like any other hetero romance novels. And I feel like we need more of this out there, because really, romance is for everyone!

6) DISLIKE – Hot, rich, powerful, impeccably dressed man gets the girl swooning over him. Too… much. Too… superficial. Too lusty. See #7.

7) LIKE – The kinda awkward, but extremely witty guy with tousled hair and unsure eyes. I know, such a cliche. But I think this guy became a cliche because he melts our hearts. He’s so adorable! And funny! And such a gentleman without making a big show of it. And did I say funny??? Okay, this doesn’t mean I don’t like a guy who is strong and decisive. I do, really. Just you know, give him some flaw!

8) DISLIKE – TOO MUCH PLOT TWISTS. We love a good, strategically-placed plot twist that make you go – oh wow, what now!?!?! But to have too much – that’s crazy. It’s like sending the message that, YES, this is CLEARLY fictional, it can’t happen.

9) LIKE – Just-kiss-already! type of couple. You know those stories when you know, as their reader, how PERFECT they are for each other? I mean, why can’t they see it!!! Isn’t it obvious?? How about those many moments when there’s clearly tension building up…. And you scream in frustration, “Come on! Just kiss already or something!!!!” Yeah, that type.

10) And because I’d like to end on a LIKE note, here’s one last LIKE. And this one is MY FAVORITE type of romance plot. I call it LOVE IN TRANSIT. And by that I mean, love stories that start in trains, in buses, in airports, or planes, in travels, you know what I mean. Because, really, these romances, they start in the middle of nowhere. Where there is nothing to do – but talk. And talk, conversation, communicating, I think that is the sweetest part of a romance. The way you talk. The way you don’t talk. The way you sit beside each other. The way you talk about small things, like they were BIG VALUABLE things. The way small talk suddenly becomes that precious moment. I dig these stuff. Maybe that’s just me. πŸ˜›

Anyway, that’s my top 10 for this week! Hope you enjoyed πŸ™‚

Til the next one,


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