Valentine’s Day 2015 : Just Like Any Saturday

A few days into 2015, I changed jobs and started working nights. This means that I am asleep for most of the days and am not able to see much of people. The time they get off work is the time I am heading to work, and thus, my weekends have since been dedicated to spend time with friends and loved ones.

So this Valentine’s Day, it was really just like any other Saturday/weekday. I set out to meet with Igop. While most of the day was really spent at their house sleeping (it is so hard to stay awake during the day!!!) and talking about how awesome the Chili Con Carne that we had for lunch was, about my upcoming trips, about zombies and vampires and werewolves, about expenses and bills, about haircuts, etc. etc., we did manage to get out of the house because I was craving pancakes.

And thus, this side trip to the closest store that has pancakes in their area – Pancake House.

So, of course, I ordered the Chocolate Chip Pancakes,


while he got Tacos, and we got milkshakes for our drinks (Vanilla for me, Chocolate for him).

Plus a selfie, just because. 🙂


There you go. How I celebrated my Valentine’s Day this year.

It was a happy day as happy days go. 🙂

Til the next celebration,


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