The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

About the book: Hadley is due to visit her dad in Landon for the first time since her parents got divorced. It was a trip that she wasn’t exactly looking forward too, considering that it was to attend her dad’s second wedding. On the day of her flight, a series of events had led to Hadley missing out on her flight by just four minutes. These four minutes prove to be very important to Hadley, because these four minutes made it possible for him to meet Oliver. Thus begins the exploration of the Probability of Love at First Sight.

Here’s why I liked this book, and why I am giving it 3 STARS:

Book Cover

1) One Star for that Introduction – yes that part where it explored everything that happened that day that led Hadley to miss her flight by just four minutes. The little distractions and mishaps that add up to the minutes of the delay. It makes you think – what are the chances?!? Quite frankly, I think it is a genius start to a book that includes the word “probability” in its title.

2) One Star for those trivial, entertaining, cutesy conversations between Hadley and Oliver. These conversations, for me, though silly and seemingly similar to small talk, actually reveal a lot about the people talking – whether they are interested, comfortable, and delighted to be in the conversation. They seem to be about nothing of importance and also about everything of importance. They are what makes people cross from being strangers to something more. That’s what I think. Hadley and Oliver were never short of these.

3) One Star for THE Moment. You’ll know it when you read it. I guess it is  frustrating when a story is progressing really well and yet lacks that one moment. This book definitely had THAT.


I think I should also mention some of the things I didn’t like about the book and why it couldn’t be a 4 or higher. The story up to the end of the flight was cute and funny and charming. I got bored towards the end. I felt like I don’t need to know all the other details about them. I could have lived in those moments that were solely between Oliver and Hadley. The other details just felt like a distraction, a filler, all unnecessary.

There. That’s what I thought of the book. Have you read it? What are your thoughts? 🙂

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