Bohol Adventure: The Itinerary, the Budget, and the Preparations

Over the weekend, my family went on our first trip of the year to one of the more known provinces/islands here in the Philippines – Panglao Island in Bohol.

Inasmuch as we would like to be spontaneous with our trips, family trips cost a lot of money, and therefore, need some room for planning. Every trip, our family divides the expenses to be paid in 3 parts – by my parents, by my older brother, and by me. We plan beforehand, set our budget, and start to save.

Sunrise at Panglao Beach, Bohol

All of us in the family have been to Bohol. However, we chose to go back for this year’s family trip (in advance celebration of my father’s 47th birthday) because we all really loved the relaxing ambiance and the stunning view of the beach.

Anyway, for every trip, I prepare an excel sheet for estimated budget and itinerary/schedule. I have revised this spreadsheet to reflect values closer to the actual expenses, and here’s how much we spent:

Days 0-1

Days 2-3

I hope this helps anyone planning to go to Bohol. The activities were not much since we’ve done the City Tour before when we first visited Bohol.

I will tell you all about the experience on another post. Do wait for it, it was an awesome trip at a very beautiful must-visit place! 🙂

In the mean time, here are a couple more pictures from the trip:

Chocolate Hills ATV Tour

Chocolate Hills ATV Tour

Our Accommodation - Dumaluan Suite Photo from

Our Accommodation – Dumaluan Suite
Photo from

Til the next adventure,


4 thoughts on “Bohol Adventure: The Itinerary, the Budget, and the Preparations

  1. Hi there! I’m loveing your recent posts!

    I have also blogged about Being a Filipina and traveling (young and traveling) and also my advocacies being a travel blogger ( to stop the discrimination to Filipinos who loves and dreams to explore the world)

    Here’s the link –

    Share your stories and your thoughts. join the conversation and my advocacy while on the road.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Deanna Sallao ( )

    p.s. Bohol beach club is the best!

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