Why Pivot Point Kept Me Reading

A friend recommended Pivot Point to me, and said that if I liked it, I can read the sequel as well. Well, I loved Pivot Point and loved Split Second (the sequel) and read both books so fast I honestly can say I haven’t read that fast in a long time.

Here’s why Pivot Point Kept Me Reading:

Pivot Point

  1. The Setting: A camp that houses individuals with advanced minds. Minds that are so advanced they are able to do incredible things with it and develop abilities – tell the future, erase memories, move objects, hear others’ thoughts, heal wounds, manipulate feelings, change people’s perceptions, etc. And these different people all interact with each other – creating a world that is both real and altered.
  2. The Plot: Addie uses her power to Search the consequences of her choice. Addie’s parents are getting divorced. Her mom is staying at camp and her dad is leaving to reside in the Norm world. She is faced with a choice. Before making a choice, her friend Laila suggested that Addie use her ability (Divergence – being able to see the future of the 2 choices she is faced with) to Search how each choice will go. Addie then searches a couple of months to the future and made the decision based on what she found out during her Search.
  3. The Structure: Kasie West did a brilliant job of narrating the difference in the two choices in alternating chapters. It became so easy to compare the choices and so easy to follow the timeline. It is like being told that – if Addie chooses choice A, then around this time, this will happen; however if she chooses choice B, then this will be the one that’s happening.
  4. The Pace: Kasie West does not make you wait. She just tells you outright what happens. No unnecessary clinchers, nothing that makes you wanna scream, “just out with it already!!!”. It wasn’t dramatic in the narration at all. Just tells the story as it is, as it progresses, in the point of view of the character. But, this I tell you, it wasn’t unexciting at all either. I was so invested in the story I just kept reading page after page of it and just never stopped.
  5. How It Ended: Brilliant. Well, at the end Addie makes the difficult choice of choosing between continuing her life with her mom versus being in the Norm world with her dad, plus so much more! See, the thing I don’t like is when a book ends so weirdly that you know immediately – okay, the author is setting it up for a sequel. I hate that feeling. Pivot Point on the other hand ended with the questions answered. It can stand on its own and be brilliant in itself. I loved this book from start to end.
    MY RATING: 4 out of 5

Here’s why Split Second Kept Me Reading:

**Visit the link above to know what I think on Pivot Point’s sequel – Split Second and the different reasons why it kept me reading.

Thanks for reading!


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