Why Split Second Kept Me Reading

In this post, I enumerated reasons why Pivot Point (prequel to Split Second) kept me reading. And kept me reading it did – up to its sequel, Split Second.

Here’s Why Split Second Kept Me Reading:

…aside from the same foundation to the story as Pivot Point (the setting, the characters, the abilities of the advanced minds, etc), all of which should be here but I won’t repeat it since I discussed them in my Pivot Point review…

Split Second

  1. Laila – I have loved Laila’s character as Addie’s bestfriend in Pivot Point. In Split Second, she is put into the spotlight together with (maybe even more than) Addie. Laila is such a strong character with a winning confident personality that made Split Second a winning novel too.
  2. The Structure – While Pivot Point has alternate chapters showcasing the alternatives Addie has, Split Second is written in two character perspectives – Addie’s and Laila’s. These two best friends have quite the opposite of personalities, which makes for interesting narration with their differing perspectives (and thought processes).
  3. The Romance – I won’t tell you who is involved with who cause that might just end up as a bit of a spoiler. Here’s what I like about it though – the romance grew without it being the center of the narrative. It’s just in the background, but it can’t be NOT noticed. It is subtle and exciting and romantic and … necessary. It’s not a subplot just so there is romance to the story. It felt like it should be there. It will be so different without it.
  4. The End – Because the end can make or break a story. The process is all well and good but without a satisfying end, a story wouldn’t be complete. And this story, ladies and gentlemen, is complete. I couldn’t be any happier. 🙂

MY RATING: Another 4 out of 5. I recommend this with all my heart! 🙂

Til the next book,


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