Goals for the Month of May

Since I disappeared (quite a bit) during the month of April, I am now writing my goals for this exciting (I’m claiming it!) month of May. This is to help me keep myself in check, hopefully.. So, here are the goals: In BOOKS:

  1. Read at least four books. I have 30 books remaining to achieve my 50 books this year, and 8 months to do that. Thus, around 4 books a month.
  2. Review at least two books. Whenever I try to review a book, I always give myself a hard time. Is this enough? Is this even considered a book review? Etc etc. I have to accept that I am not really a book reviewer and the point of the “book review” posts is to simply share what I thought personally about the book. No literary critic here. Just gotta get into the groove.


  1. Joie Learns How to Swim. YUP! That’s right. I am an almost 25-year-old who loves going to the beach and “swimming” in the waters and still does not know how to swim! I mean, there are life jackets anyway… But I figured, this has to stop! I want to be able to enjoy my adventures and vacations to the maximum! Thus, I enrolled into a swim school and it starts on May 27. It ends in June but I want to give a “How My First day at Swim School Was” kind of post before this month ends. Eeeek! So excited!


  1. Mom’s 45th Birthday. My mom is celebrating her 45th birthday this 14th and I am pretty sure we’ll celebrate it in some way (no plans finalized yet!!!) so there’s that in the Celebration side of things.
  2. My 25th Birthday. And lastly, of course, my birthday! I love MAY! I tend to celebrate the whole month since it is my birth month and I am one of those people who love birthdays way too much. 😛 I am celebrating (of course) but I’m not sure what dates and what will be happening. I can assure you though, it will be more than just 1 celebration. Hahaha! Can’t wait!

Hope I’ll get all of these done this month!


5 thoughts on “Goals for the Month of May

    1. Yeah, I find it helpful to have monthly targets or at least, have monthly updates so you can easily keep track of your progress – to encourage you and also so you can sort of plan ahead. 🙂

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