..or at least, I’m in the process of. 🙂
(This post explores the BEFORE part of this adventure.)

When summer began, I know there’ll be a lot of out-of-town trips that will be happening and most of it involving swimming (Philippines having 7,107 islands and all).

So I decided – this is the summer I’d learn how to swim.

Thus started the zealous research of swimming classes. And I mean zealous. I think I obsessively researched different offerings, classes, testimonies, blog posts, etc. for a full week!!!

02 01

Hopefully I’d be able to get rid of these vests when I want to – without the risk of going down, down, down the sea.

I have wanted to learn how to swim for years now, but I get intimidated by swim classes especially with kids and parents watching over them. I mean, I don’t wanna be with kids, and have their parents see my swimming skills (lack of).
So, these were the factors I was looking at:

  • For adults only! I wanted to be with people who are “old” and yet hasn’t given up on learning a skill even though “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Because no one is too old!

  • I wanted to do it before work. It is safer that way since I might work overtime sometimes and not get in time for class. If it’s before work, I just have to wake up earlier and I find that’s much easier for me.

  • Preferably in an indoor pool. I work nights, and thus “before work” meant night as well so the glaring sun and the heat isn’t a problem. This is just something that is nice to have.

  • CHEAP! I mean, I didn’t know swimming lessons were so expensive!!! This is a serious money-making business guys!

My ID! :)

My ID! 🙂

And I found the right school for me – BERT LOZADA SWIM SCHOOL.

They have the perfect class for me. I immediately signed up for the last batch (I need time to condition myself mentally that I am really doing this).

And thus started my adventure!

I just had my 2nd class out of the 10 classes and I think I am doing pretty well! I try to be brave, remember the stuff being taught, and practice, practice, practice.

Where I attend my classes. Photo from

Where I attend my classes. Photo from

I’ll check in on you guys again once I have completed my lessons and hopefully I am a decent swimmer by then!
Here’s to never stopping learning,



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