May Summary in Books (and in Goal Completion)

At the end of April, I set out goals for the month of May. Now that May has ended, here’s how I did:

1. Read at least 4 books.
– I have read 20 books by the end of April, leaving me with 30 more books to achieve the goal of 50 for this year. Thus, around 4 books a month.
– HOW I DID: FAIL!!! I only read 2 books this month and not even halfway in my 3rd. I need to catch up since I really don’t want to cram in the last 2 months of the year to get to 50 books…

  • Here are the 2 books I’ve read:
    zeroThe magicians
    This brings me to 22 out of 50 books. I really have to commit to 4 books a month to get to 50 books now.

2. Review at least 2 books.
– And I mean just to write about the books I have read.
– HOW I DID: SUCCESS!!! I did both on the last week of the month (such a crammer!) but in case you missed it, here they are:


1. Joie Learns How to Swim.
– My lessons go for 10 days from May 27 to June 6, excluding Sunday. As of today, I been to half of the lessons and I am doing great. It sure is a lot of fun and I intend to write more about it once I’m through with the 10 sessions. For now, you can read about how I ended up taking swimming lessons in this post.

1. Mom’s 45th Birthday.
– I wasn’t able to blog about it but here’s how it went. My mom’s birthday was last on the 14th. We had a big dinner with the extended family and ate our hearts out. That was a Thursday. On the weekend of the same week, we went out-of-town with my parents’ friends from the neighborhood and went for a swim. Then, on the weekend after that, my parents’ went out-of-town again, this time with my mom’s side of the family and they went for a swim. I am sure she enjoyed her celebrations. 🙂

2. My 25th Birthday.
– I just celebrated my 25th birthday yesterday! I intend to write a post or two about it. It was awesome! I love birthdays!!

These are not part of the goals, but in addition, this month, I also wrote about:
Happy Birthday Jan! for a very good friend of mine who celebrated his birthday a week ahead of me, and
Writing on Walls which is about… well, me writing on one of the walls in my room.

So, that’s how my May went. In Books, in Adventures, and in Celebrations. How did yours go?
Until the next roundup,


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