Happy 25th Birthday to Me! :)

I just turned 25 last Sunday! However, due to being sick the past days, I am only able to tell you about it now.

The day before my birthday, Saturday, here’s what happened:
– I went to Day 5 of my Swimming Lessons


  • Had dinner at Bad Bird (awesome chicken place) at Hole in the Wall, Century City Mall


  • Met up with my boyfriend’s cousins. Two of them are from Canada and this is their last weekend here in Manila. We celebrated the night with them until…4am of my birthday.

birthday jager

That was the start of my birthday. It was eventful, to say the least. Definitely a great start.

After a few hours of rest, several of my closest friends have arrived at home for lunch. I invited around 10-15 people to celebrate with me and my family.

My parents and grandparents helped prepare our lunch and it was a feast! I forgot to take pictures of the food though…

After lunch, we all gathered inside my very small room and started playing games, telling stories, etc. I felt even closer to them after that (plus we were literally close anyway).

We were done by 9pm. It was such a long “lunch”. I was telling them to go home since it was already late. Haha, I am such a hospitable host.

Here are some pictures I took with my Instax:

01 03 06 04 05 02
This is one of my best birthdays by far, and I’ve had a few really good ones. I guess celebrations with family and friends always make it meaningful.

There you go. I’m 25!

Here’s to staring my late 20’s,


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