Happy Birthday Bunny! :)

Last Saturday, my boyfriend (whom I fondly call bunny) and I went out to lunch to celebrate his birthday. It was such a perfect celebration in a cozy restaurant with great service and impeccable food! It was my gift to him and I don’t think I could have chosen a better place to celebrate with him. Thus, sharing this great restaurant find!

I wanted my bunny to have a great and memorable birthday lunch. We both love good food and are constantly in the lookout for new restaurants with great promise. For this celebration, I was assigned to be the planner, and I was so happy to find The Black Pig in Alabang. I know he’ll love the place and the food they serve and I wasn’t wrong. Here’s what we had:

For Starters, Pan-Fried Foie Gras (with brioche, muesli, mixed berry sauce) – this was sooooo yummy. We’ve tried foie gras several times and this was the best we’ve tried. 🙂 Not to mention all the accompaniment are just perfect as well.

For our Rice meal, we had Prawn Risotto (chili, garlic, and crustacean butter) – We’ve only tried Risotto once before and it was way too salty. This one though was really good and very filling! We weren’t able to finish it since it was surprisingly a large portion! The prawns were beautifully cooked, the juices pop into your mouth when you bite into it!


For the Main Course, we ordered Grilled Angus Prime Rib-eye (with carrots, green salat, and potato wedges) –  BEST. RIB EYE. EVER! I like my steak medium rare, and he likes is medium well – so we settled for medium. Haha. I cannot tell you how wonderful every bite of this rib eye was! It just completely melts in your mouth with that buttery salty taste. It was heaven! 😀 We asked for it to be served sliced, but you may opt to have it served as a whole.


We were quite full after the mains, but being a lover of desserts, I cannot resist not trying even one of their desserts.

So for dessert, I ordered a Lemon Cake with Lemongrass Sorbet and Black Pepper Meringue – or at least, this is the part of the dish name that I remembered. Their dessert menu is not in their website so I couldn’t double check but this is pretty close. And here’s how it looks:


It was so good and refreshing!

The Black Pig’s menu changes quite often but if you want to get updated, just visit their website. 🙂 They have beers and wines too and even have a wine/beer pairing menu. Next time I visit this place, I will definitely try some of their other menu items – there were too much I wanted to try!

Anyway, when I called in for reservation I also mentioned that it is for a birthday – so they were kind enough to give us their signature The Black Pig Chocolate Praline Mousse with a birthday message. Here’s a couple of pictures with the birthday boy himself:


All in all, it was a great, long memorable meal. Definitely one of the best ones we’ve had together. We surely will come back!!!

I’d rate The Black Pig FIVE out of FIVE. Definitely.

Anyway, before we went home, we went to buy new glasses for the birthday boy as my birthday present to him.


What a happy birthday it was. It was such a day to remember.

Til the next celebration,


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