Just Finished Reading: E. Lockhart’s we were liars

Because of my book blogging inconsistency, I made myself promise to at least post about every book that I have finished reading. Doesn’t even have to be much of a review. Just a picture of the book and my own personal rating. A few words could be included as a plus. So. I’ll start from there and hopefully build up on the habit. Hang in there everyone while I figure this out!

So anyway, let’s start with the first book I just finished reading for the month of July:


Here’s the thing about this book. I wasn’t interested in it until I started seeing a lot of good reviews about it online (thanks wordpress for this awesome book blogging community!). So – I finally decided, okay, let’s do this.

Thus, when a friend (shoutout to Reynold who doesn’t even know I have a blog, most probably) asked me for a book title for my birthday gift, this was one of them. Because, really, when asked, can we just give one title??? There’s never just one title.

And such a happy reader I was. I mean honestly I wasn’t into the book for the first half of it. It seemed repetitive and nothing super interesting was happening – just a bunch of privileged people who has their own island spending the summers there.

But the second half comes and I think – there should be lies all over this books, after all the title proclaimed “we were liars”, right? And then…. (spoilers, so, nah).

Overall, I’d say this is a 3 out of 5.

Here’s something from Mirren (one of the liars) to end this post with,


Til I finish the next book,


2 thoughts on “Just Finished Reading: E. Lockhart’s we were liars

    1. I know what you mean. Felt that way too, but I guess I like the way it resolved the issues. Still, some parts felt like fillers just to make the story longer..


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